Aureus Mons

The page Aureus Mons is dedicated to promote active tourism in Požega and its surrounding area, especially cycling on the road and in the mountains, hiking and wandering.

What makes Požega so special is that it is not a typical flat area in Slavonia. Going south from Požega there are slopes of Požeška gora. Although not very steep or high, they are full of vineyards from which you get a wonderful view over the town and countryside. They already have many local and vineyard roads that can be used as cycling and wandering tracks.

About 15 kilometers north there is Papuk. It has already a considerable amount of mountain roads and paths, huts and cycling track.

This page serves to promote this treasure in Požega as well and all the possibilities it offers for active relaxation. We weren't able to present you all these tracks, so we picked the ones most attractive to you with a possibility for its number to be expanded in the future. We did our best to represent them in the most attractive and dynamic way for you to experience that Požega and its surroundings is not just a valley – it is Vallis Aurea and the Golden Mountain.

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About the project

Members of the projct

Aureus Mons is a mutual project conducted by the Technical school and Trade school in Požega as a part of the project called „The Promotion of the Vocational Occupations in Tourism 2015“. The contents on this site was written, photographed, programmed and prepared for the release by the participants on the project.


Fabijan Blažević, Matej Genadij, Michel Jakić, Jan Jurković, Ivan Kerepčić, Patrik Oroz, Monika Pavić, Demian Pejnović, Luka Šporčić, Tena Šumski


Hrvoje Mikolčević, Bojan Sikirica

Thank you!

We would like to give special thanks for the preparations and elaboration of the project:

Also we would like to thank all the students who took time to come with us to try all these tracks, acted and worked as extras in video clips and on photos:
Filip Štimac, Luka Zeljko, Petra Miškulin, Marija Krmpotić, Ivan Svjetličić, Jelena Grabusin, Mario Tauš, Goran Pavić, Marko Rstić, Zvonko Pedić, Marko Batori, Josip Sikirić, Matej Manović...

We give special thanks to all teachers, students and all employees of the Technical and Trade School for understanding and support and for making out work easier in order to conduct this project.

Turistička zajednica Požeško-slavonske županije. Turistička zajednica Hrvatske